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Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness

for Function

Online programs and local private personal training

Energising Mums for a stronger, healthier, longer & functional future!

Services Available

Why choose Energised Ladies

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Jo is not only and experienced exercise specialist but also a maternity nurse and Mum of three! She has lived this season,  was caught unaware and suffered the consequences of unsafe exercise choices during postnatal recovery. She is now well educated and experienced is pregnancy and postnatal exercise and is passionate about reducing the risks for you with accessible and affordable online programs!

Exercise to different degrees is beneficial for all ladies, however modifications should be carefully considered to promote your recovery to full function after pregnancy and birth. 

Jo strives to provide a variations and recommendations throughout her programs to allow ladies to customise their exercise sessions to suit their needs and symptoms.

Programs will incorporate a full body approach educating and exercise choices to promote strength and function, including; 

  • Breathing patterns

  • Mobility

  • Posture and alignment

  • Deep core connection and pressure management

  • Exercise form and technique

  • Nutritional guides

  • Pelvic floor symptoms and function

  • Impact and cardiovascular endurance and recovery

  • Enjoyable, fun and energising training sessions

  • Individual Pregnancy, birth prep, postnatal recovery and C-section programs

  • Ladies exercise customised to stage in life

If you are after something else, just ask to see if Jo can help.

Your Coach

Jo Hartley

Personal Trainer

REPs registered

Certified Pregnancy &

Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Registered Nurse

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Jo Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Specialist
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Modern Pregnancy Exercise Qualified
Modern Postnatal Exercise Qualified

What Ladies are saying

"Especially found the squat to sit helpful as really struggled standing from sitting after birth. Lost so much core strength"

Recovery has been so great, I reckon your PT sessions help with that -

2 weeks post partum, emergency C-section.

Prenatal Workout

"I'm so appreciative of the antenatal program with you, made all the difference"

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